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The Energy Of Today For April 23

Timezone: America / Los Angeles

About the energy of today...

The energy of today is taking stock, finding a nice quiet place and literally writing down so you have a visual reference all your hopes, plans, dreams, etc. with a rough idea how you should achieve them all individually.

What to do with it...

It's all about embracing the impossible, believing that you can and going for it. That's why I suggest you write it down and take inventory of all that you have, all that you want and how to get there, regardless of what anyone else says is possible or not.

The Energy of Today is brought to you courtesy of the AYM CENTER

AYM is about many things, but mainly it's your chakra connection.
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The Energy 4 Today is all about... You

Because an organized body's ready to handle anything...

Whether tackling physical, emotional, mental, relationship or other challenges, an "organized body" will be fully present to handle the Energy of the Day!

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Even though you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there
-Will Rogers(124)

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