The Energy Of Today is all about... You

Because an organized body's ready to handle anything...

Whether tackling physical, emotional, mental, relationship or other challenges, an "organized body" will be fully present to handle the Energy of the Day!

The Energy Of Today For December 7

Timezone: America / Los Angeles

About the energy of today...

The energy of today is about reaching out to the people that you always think about but never seem to find the time to connect with, that leaves you with an ever-expanding burden of guilt because you haven't.

What to do with it...

It's all about sitting down, finding the time to write a note, even if it's just a text, an email, a postcard, etc. It's important not for them, but for you to release the pressure that you have in some way failed, which of course you haven't, but that's not until now stopped you from feeling that way.

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